Reflection and Solution

I’m tired of losing my dreams like smoke in the wind

I’m tired of watching the disease take the shine and the joy of my sister (The certainty of death threatens me like a sword hanging over my head)

I’m tired of always being relegated to fifth plane

I’m tired of always being treated as “other”

I’m tired of being so permissive

I’m tired of being a friend to all hours, but all other people’s hours, not mine

Because there is not the other way there …

I’m tired of living in the shadows, hidden from the world because I can not live with trifles

because they do not make a point of brand props,

because I hate Louboutin shoes and Prada handbags and dispense 40 karat diamonds

I’m tired of having allowed some people invade my life and turn into hell

I’m tired of labels and unfair trials I’m tired of being treated like a burden and disposable

I am so exhausted that my death now would be a well deserved rest

And please do not attend my funeral and above all do not send flowers

Do not change your routine as always: take your jet and go… have some fun without guilt

Because the only responsible in this story is me, nobody else

I allowed, I believed and I suffered, I lost my head and went crazy

I gave up and, disastrously, I was disappointed, I was wounded to the core

I was deeply sorry for someone who did not know to see the beauty and goodness of my heart

And that was my biggest sin: to have loved someone who never learned to love

Nevertheless, I am extremely grateful today as I will be tomorrow, even if not in this lifetime.