Staying Grounded: The life and times of my dad
Lynn Graham


I’m so sorry, I love you and I love your parents. I remember the first few times I went to your house, your dad would call us into the bedroom where he was relaxing after work and he’d make conversation by asking me my thoughts and opinions on social questions and current events. I would start out feeling like his questions were a test I had to pass to be allowed to sleep over, but I’d get so involved in the conversation that I’d forget to feel nervous about passing the test. As I got to know him, I’d worry less about the conversation and focus more on whether or not he was going to finish all dozen donuts from the pink box on the counter, or if we could have his leftovers. Dominos pizzas too. I remember Sparky, Barkey and Malarkey although I could never tell them apart. I loved having Ashlyn and Jackson spend a little time with your parents at your wedding and seeing how big their eyes were while looking up up up at your dad. Luckily, Ashlyn doesn’t remember him popping in from the garage in his various masks!! I do remember one time your mom was watching Ash for me and I came back from work to pick her up and couldn’t find your mom anywhere. I finally found Ashlyn, fully strapped into her carseat, hanging out in the garage with your dad and Ray : ) I love you, Lynn. I’ll listen to My Posse’s on Broadway as well as Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock all weekend.

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