What happened to the sex in Outlander season two?
Janet Reynolds

As someone who has made a living at writing romance for more than thirty years, I was thrilled with Season 1 of Outlander. Other cable series have sex, yes, but I’m tired of seeing group sex — one man, multiple women — or rape which is too often the case in other series. (GOT being the prime example.) Watching Season 2 of Outlander, I became more and more dissatisfied. Other than the French Court episode which was shockingly funny, the first half was, well, boring. I’m watching it for the romance, including the sex, and it simply is not living up to my expectations. Shame on the producers for doing a left turn and then excusing themselves with “oh, we don’t do gratuitous” — sex with romance is what gave you the following you have. Live up to what you told us the series was going to be.

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