Tents For Tech Workers

Patricia Grant
Jun 8, 2017 · 2 min read

Donations Needed in the SF Bay Area

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Tent cities.

They spring up, like mushrooms after a rain, under the overpasses and within the shrubby overgrowth that flanks the freeways. These makeshift encampments are home to those hardest hit by the San Francisco Bay Area housing crisis: the tech workers.

Sky-high cost of housing in the Bay Area has left many highly educated, gainfully employed individuals in the low to moderate income range (100K — 150K) out in the cold, without a place to call their own.

That’s why Tents for Tech Workers, a local nonprofit, is asking for your donation of tents, tarps and lean-tos in good working condition. Your donation of a temporal hovel will help shelter a tech worker in need.

Did you know that in the Bay Area you are ten times more likely to be run over by three consecutive Teslas than to find affordable housing? Did you know that avocado toast consumption — one of the leading causes of homelessness — has reached epidemic levels in our region?

Imagine waking each morning to face these hard realities. Help ease the burden of homelessness on tech workers in our community. Donate your teepee, your child’s playhouse, your XXL poncho, the cardboard box that your new refrigerator came in — feel free to use your imagination here because the need is dire. Any clean, intact approximation of a shelter is appreciated.

Everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area deserves access to safe, affordable housing — or at least a cardboard box on the side of the freeway.

Your donation can make a difference. Give today.

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