An Evening Convening at the Brooklyn Historical Society

Ivan Forde, “Birth of Enkidu,” 2015. Silkscreen, black smalt, cyanotype on paper. 22x30 inches. Courtesy of the artist.
Keisha Scarville, from her new series “Alma.” 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

The artist turns Christopher Columbus, Peter Stuyvesant, and the doctor who experimented on female slaves into fetish figures burdened by their histories.

Hew Locke, Hamilton, Central Park,” 2018, c-type photograph with mixed media, 72 x 48 ins. Courtesy of P.P.O.W.
Hew Locke, detail of “Stuyvesant, Jersey City,” 2018. C-type photograph with mixed media, 183 x 122 cms. Courtesy of the artist.

Leroy Trotz, teacher and forefather of STEM education in Guyana

Leroy Trotz. Courtesy of The Voice.
Frank Bowling, “Elder Sun Benjamin,” detail, 2018, acrylic and mixed media on collaged canvas,
119.29h x 203.54w in. Courtesy Alexander Gray Associates, New York; Hales Gallery, London.
© 2018 Frank Bowling.

Dr. Cheryl Finley’s Investigation into “The Art of the Slave Ship Icon”

Roshini Kempadoo, “ECU: European Currency Unfolds 03 (Italian Lira)” 1992, digital print.

Patrick Bova

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