A Review: Jack Spade Folio iPhone Case

I love talking about and giving reviews of the different products I use and places I go. I can promise these will be as unbiased and impartial as possible, but sometimes I will go on a rant, we’ll just have to deal with it.

Appearance: 5/5
Utility: 4/5
Durability: 3/5
Price: $$$
You can get it from Best Buy HERE


This case just looks so damn good! If you’re a sucker for good quality leather products, this case will definitely stand out. It has a great tan exterior, and a very well crafted microfiber-like surface on the left side of the case, which when folded is the side touching the screen. Two very minimal, barely noticeable slits near the top reveal pockets for credit cards. The actual case itself is hard plastic with cutouts for the lock button, camera, etc.

I will note that I picked this case up at a Best Buy, and I chose this over another case partially because I really liked the black plastic piping around the edges instead of the silvery metal edges the other case had. Considering I have an iPhone with a black front I thought it would just look better anyway.

Overall it feels really good in the hand; it doesn’t feel like it’s going to slip out of my hand as it does with no case, and getting used to flipping the card carrying side over to use the phone takes little to no time at all.


This case is honestly extremely useful and practical for someone who doesn’t carry around a lot of cards or cash. As I had mentioned before, there are only two slits for cards to hold. I’ve tried to put two cards into one slit but it really doesn’t work all that well and since my iPhone 6S Plus is big enough, I don’t really need anything to make it any larger.

I think this case is at it’s most useful on the weekends, cause when I’m hungover on a Sunday morning I’m not worried about having anything in my wallet but my ID and my bank card. With this phone case I can pretty much eliminate the fear of losing my wallet because the two cards I always bring with me are already attached to my phone! Now I just need to not leave my phone anywhere…


I really wish the case was a little more durable. What I mean by that is, I had only had the case for about a month before I noticed a corner of the case begin to chip and become loose. You can check out the pictures below to see what I mean. It also doesn’t perform too well when I accidentally (read: drunkenly) drop my phone. When I do drop it, the phone pops out of the case and goes wherever it goes on the floor. Don’t really like that too much.

I do think it’s worth mentioning that for all I put this case through, the exterior leather part has held up considerably well. Not really any notice of a scratch on it at all. Really except for the one little corner, the whole case has been pretty solid.

Final Thoughts

Do I think it’s a good case? Yes. If you only really use a small number of cards at a time and don’t really use cash all that much. I’ve gotten around this dilemma at times by just folding the bills up into rectangles and tucking it behind my driver’s license. Do I think it’s worth $60? Nope. Not for a case that chips after a month of regular use.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this piece! Let me know if I should do more reviews like this!

Until next time,


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