BEN is creating a open-sourced blockchain course and needs your help

Blockchain Education Network (BEN)

The Blockchain Education Network (BEN), a non-for-profit dedicated for teaching people about the blockchain technology has launched a large and exciting social experiment.

Hailing October as the “Blockchain Education Month”, BEN is empowering anyone interested in the technology to submit a clear and concise lesson for others to follow. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, BEN is encouraging people to learn by teaching. To reward those efforts, a bounty totalling 6 BTC will be distributed proportionally to submissions among content creators.

This open-source course is organised in 6 chapters with different modules covering topics ranging from a simple overview of the history of bitcoin to a more technical analysis of the consensus algorithms involved. This course culminates in a crash course on how to start developing on the blockchain.

The bounty system is divided between the module architects/performers and creative additions:

  • Module architects/performers: 4 BTC total will be awarded to the content creators. This includes all scripts and slides submitted along with various media (videos, images, flowcharts) created and in direct relation to the module description.
  • Creative tags: Total of 2.5 BTC awarded to any media that falls outside of the given format (“non-course related”). You can submit any written, graphic, video, audio or other contribution and tag it to the relevant module.
Bounty system used for the BEN blockchain course

You can “sign up” to create a module by joining the BEN Slack network, request an access to the Blockchain Education Month Google Drive and then adding your slack handle to the correct module. Multiple people can work on the same module and compete for the bounty. The detailed point breakdown is available here. The bounty will be released on the last day of the month, to mark the end of their month-long event.

To get more information about BEN and its Blockchain Education Month, click here.

This is the second major event organised by BEN for their Fall 2016 Initiative. The first was a bitcoin “Airdrop” where BEN, in partnership with, held a massive bitcoin giveaway in different university campuses accross the World. Following the Blockchain Education Month, BEN plans on organising a “Blockchain Gauntlet” where teams will compete in what essentially is a month long hackathon. This gauntlet’s aim is empower students to solve real world problems using the blockchain. You can find more information here.

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