El Torero

La corrida is a confrontation with certain death. El torero faces life and death in his battle with a force of nature. It is a contest of elegance, adroitness, agility, skill, and strength. Above all, the bullfighter is about facing death with style.

There is heroism in the tournament, a certain affirmation of the human spirit of domination on the bull, itself charging with the force of nature. There is an inherent abuse involved since the animal is led into a confrontation with no other motive than spectacle and for the amusement of man.

Over the millenia, man has exerted his dominion over nature. He has erected a veritable civilization that stands to transform the very laws of nature and have power over the primal forces of creation. El torero es un amante, un Romantico quien vive de la pasion del ser humano por la vida en su confrontacion a la natura y tambien, a Dios.

A Romantic passion for the celebration of life, is the basis for la corrida. It is inherently an expression of the Spanish soul, which is passionate and seeks in a sense, love. Bullfighting in some respect, is a form of cruelty directed at an animal armed with the force of nature. Moreover, it is the reflection of man’s mastery over life, of his innate and learned ability to overcome the challenge of his existence.