Human Dignity: Porneia

Civilization ought to teach to behave according to reason and develop those habits that are in conformity with the natural law. There is a problem at the heart of the world, a problem which is the subject of shame and a matter of fear for many. It involves a system of crime, power, and impulses that are a strong incentive for destruction.

Prostitution is a way of life for many women — and men — in the world, and creates lives of addiction, poverty, crime, and the progressive erosion of their dignity, a life, in truth, that is inhuman. In truth, prostitution is a life without rights.

It is the basest of human activity, a form of slavery of the human dignity that robs people of their destinies and prevents them from achieving happiness. The question of prostitution is the problem of a world that does not love, that does not know, and that does not have a direction. Prostitution exists because man does not know where history is leading and also due to the fact that poverty enslaves woman and it prevents the conclusion of History, that is, the end of the world.

As long as man is poor, and woman is enslaved to poverty, History will not conclude.