The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is a symbol of life and death, of the power of resurrection, it rises from the ashes of its former life into a new form, a novel organism pulsating with force and living. In the pages of fantasy, it is in reality a force of destruction animated by the flames of desire, in the Dark Phoenix Saga, Jean-Grey, a powerful telepath and telekinetic of the mutants X-Men succumbs to the darkness of the Phoenix power and becomes bent on universal annihilation, she feeds on the energy of the D’Bari star and causes the extinction of the population of a planet; in fact, she is consumed by a fire that seeks the renewal of the universe through its death.

Life and Death are eternal opposites, they are primal powers of Creation that reveal the substance of existence itself: struggle, conflict, tension, drama, antagonism, in short, the dynamics of a Story that is predicated on the resolution of the inner forces of freedom in its attempt at achieving Salvation. The forces of freedom are composite of the grand over-arching story of Life, they stand in need of Salvation from the Tribunal of History which ascertains through Reason the culpability of the Author responsible for the catastrophe of Evil, in order to administer Judgement and condemn His existence to an Eternity of Penance. What then, is the Omega of Creation? In reality, it is the reason for the existence of Evil, found in the mental cause of its desire, for, every story is driven by a desire for its ending, for a resolution of its forces and of its tension, for an Epilogue that synthesizes in its Event the drama that has unfolded and capitulates the Last Page on which Creation is written. When, the Omega Force is driven by an inescapable need for drama, that is, for the essence of Story, it falls prey to the need for Sacrifice in a Phoenix spirit that is antagonism and conflict, since heroism demands tension and a confrontation between opposed principles.

The Omega Effect is a force of entropy that annihilates being and erases free will from the person, it is a power of chaos that seeks the destruction of Life in a nihilism that is a Negation of freedom. To Darkseid, the Dark God of Apokolips, life’s great lie is freedom, a problematic mathematical conundrum solved by the acceptance of the Anti-Life Equation, that entity from the dark side of the metaphysical Source, that subjugates the will and renders all life an aspect of the God of Evil. Omega engraved on Darkseid, is a meta-historical commentary that introduces the mind to the merciless logic of the Lord of Apokolips: that the solution to the question of free will with its associated tension, pain, suffering, and malediction, is the destruction of freedom in the annulment of Time, for only by eradicating the cancer is it possible to create a healthy body, mind, and soul that can grant humanity a lasting peace; essentially, it is the erosion of Hope leading to a condition of atemporality and nihilism in which life is enslaved.

It is part of perfection for every story to have a conclusion, an Epilogue that defines its meaning and truth, and resolves its inherent tension. To ascribe to the Omega of the Story, is in some sense, to accept determinism as the law of the universe, in which all actions are pre-determined from the beginning without the possibility of Salvation, of the realization of free choice which allows for real happiness and the capacity to see Good in its entirety. The Omega symbol promises Salvation from the malediction of History, from the desire for conflict, from the tension of the soul, and the aimless tangent of the spirit, a false promise that intends to erect a civilization on the ruins of the destruction of Goodness in order to form a state of peace and comprehension. Inherently, it is Salvation from the Story itself, from its propensity for being written in the Pages of Time, of an Epoch that aspires towards greater heights, the adventures of personages that aim for omniscience, for the totality of experience in order to achieve the liberation of happiness.

Omega is in its essence, an ineluctable process, for Creation teaches in the cycles of the seasons and of the years, and the centuries, in the passage of Time, that the universe must inevitably come to its ending, a truth that is not be into question but accepted with the composure of serenity in the hope of achieving the justification of the Story, a thought that merely states: “Tout est bien qui finit bien”.



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