What is Your Story?

Nature tells a story. It is a story of grandeur, majesty, and harmony. A cacophony of sounds that communicate in the language of life travailing together to form an ecosystem, a whole. Visiting a park reveals a concern for the respect of the natural environment and a quest to commune with the natural world, in an effort to attain to a sense of equilibrium in life itself.

There is a story told by all the life forms, which is that of a certain ease of movement in accordance with the Wise Laws of the Creator, who has established the nature of animals, birds, and aquatic forms on firm properties that guide their interactions.

Nature tells the story of cheer and tranquility, of the propensity towards community and the work of life. It is a story that spans generations conserved by the concordance of the elements that work together to produce inherited traits, growth, adaptation, learned behavior, reproduction, and cohesion.

Learning that a rock has been the name behind a city, reaching to its foundations, and that history can be preserved in human technology, can help bring a community to life and give it its character.

What is your personal story? What does nature tell us? Where is the education of the Catholic Church leading man? History is written in the dunes of the sand of time, and kept in the memory of civilizations, cultures, traditions, customs, and even in the natural habitat.

The natural world teems with a diversity that is at once miraculous and poetic. It is a grand theatre that resonates the glories of God and which teaches on the value of acting in accordance with the character of life, which demands effort, responsibility, love, desire, faith, hope, and the love of society out of man.

What story will life teach you?