Def Leppard : Adrenalize (1992)

It must have been during the start of 1991, I remember mum telling me that one of Def Leppard’s guitarists had passed away. Not having really experienced loss (my grandfather had passed away but I didn’t really know him) I didn’t understand the significance of this news, my take was there is no more Def Leppard.

March 1992, it turns out I was wrong. The single “Lets Get Rocked” was released and had the coolest video I had ever seen. Reportedly the most expensive video clip produced at the time, it was a 3D animated extravaganza that really spoke to…


Miles Davis : Someday My Prince Will Come (1961)

My relationship with Miles Davis started, presumably as many do, with “Kind of Blue”. My musical palette was developing, I knew who Miles Davis was, I didn’t really know anything about jazz but I did know that “Kind of Blue” is the ultimate Miles Davis and possibly jazz record. What a place to start.

I’d been listening to relatively complicated music, mostly in the form of progressive rock and metal with some forms of jazz. Bands like Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Rush where multiple time signatures, key changes and relatively long songs were the norm, interwoven with melody. …


Lianne La Havas : Blood (2015)

Lianne, Lianne, Lianne. I am so enamoured with this woman. She is incredible. Her voice is drenched in soul, her guitar chops are sensational, her songwriting is pure melody and she often tours and headlines by herself, that’s right, solo. No band required.

I don’t exactly remember where I first heard about Lianne but it was fairly recent, either just before or just after “Blood” was released. I was reading a website and as the internet does, leads you from one place to the next. I either first saw her video for “Lost and Found” or her appearance on the…


Roachford : Permanent Shade of Blue (1994)

Roachford’s “Permanent Shade of Blue” was the first compact disc I ever bought. It was 1995 and for 2 weeks I would be doing work experience away from school. Ideally this work experience was at a business that was somewhat related to what we wanted to do when we left. I wanted to be an architect so I “worked” at 2 drafting companies for a week each, where I was paid the handsome sum of $5 per day.

It was my second week and the radio was on all day in the office. There was one song that I noticed…


Steely Dan : Aja (1977)

Now hate is probably far too strong a word, though I probably used it in my formative years. I’d refer more to it as a strong disliking. In the 1990’s there was a VHS tape called “NBA Jam Session”, which was a highlight reel of various NBA basketball players set to music. It was cool. Lots of exciting plays, slam dunks and athletic players set to kick ass hip-hop beats and booming bass lines.

Except there was one song which was the soundtrack to the “old guys” segment. It was full of archive footage, retirement commentary and classic basketball moments…


Pat Metheny Group : Offramp (1982)

My introduction to Pat Metheny came by way of a news article I read where he was asked and therefore shared an honest opinion on Kenny G (its here). I was used to the West Coast/East Coast hip-hop beef but here were a couple of jazz guys going at it, or so my first impressions were. I didn’t really have any feelings about Kenny G one way or another but I did have an urge to discover more about Pat Metheny.

The first album of his I bought is the Pat Metheny Group release from 1997 “Imaginary Day”. This is…


Sade : Lovers Rock (2000)

My love affair with Sade runs deep, though is still somewhat a “new” flame. I already knew the songs “Smooth Operator”, “The Sweetest Taboo” and “No Ordinary Love”, so I borrowed my sisters copy of “The Best of” from 1994 to become more acquainted. I probably didn’t pay that much attention to the whole thing but came away really enjoying the groovier numbers, painting a picture in my head what the band was about.

As I’m an albums guy, I remember heading to one of the local music shops and finding “Lovers Rock”. This was one of the stores that…


Def Leppard : Hysteria (1987)

“Hysteria, when you’re near” is the perfect line for my favourite album of all time. It doesn’t need thought. I’ve listened to it the most, for the longest time (29 years) and I own more copies than anyone needs in a lifetime (and I’m not finished).

Hysteria is also not really “my” album. It’s my brothers. We first saw the music video for “Rocket” together during its single release in January, 1989. Aside from what our parents would listen to, neither of us really had our own taste in music at this stage. …


Frank Sinatra : Sinatra At The Sands (1966)

Including “Best Of’s” or compilations in any kind of list is generally considered cheating. What about live albums? It’s usually still a compilation of sorts though a live album can also constitute a special event captured at a moment in time. Kiss didn’t really sell many albums until “Alive” was released, where the raw energy of the band translated for the first time into your HiFi at home (though in that case it was touched up afterward, but we won’t get into that).

“Sinatra at the Sands” is one of those moments in time. Frank is a pure born entertainer…


The Beatles : Let It Be… Naked (2003)

Why not start with controversy. I am somewhat a late comer to The Beatles. They were constantly on the radio and home stereo when I was growing up but they were my parents music. That being said, the melodic genius of Lennon and McCartney was burned into my young brain, so that I probably knew their music better than what I deemed as my own.

It would be easy to say that the greatest Beatles record and greatest record of all time is “Sgt. Peppers”. The story of it is compelling, though the final product isn’t exactly what the lads…

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