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Flavor Flav is the original hype man. He amps up crowds and brings an infectious enthusiasm to everything he does. Enthusiasm is a peculiar thing. The more you fake it, the more REAL it becomes. It is inherently contagious, motivating, and energizing.

Why do we care about enthusiastic facilitation in software development?

Writing software is just the result of someone typing words into a computer. Yes, someone might genuinely be enthusiastic about doing this day after day. But it can be a lonely, tedious process at times. Every bit of extra energy, excitement, and motivation can be used to make software development better.

Remember a day when you were excited…

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I started rock climbing in October 2018, so by all means I am still a noob. I mean, just look at me on the wall there.

More specifically I started bouldering. No ropes, with walls only about 12–15 feet high. I didn’t have to worry about falling from super high, and the giant mats were there to catch a fall. Pretty easy to getting started, and a whole lot of fun.

Then on my second day, I sprained my ankle. Wonderful. Even though my weak little ankles continued on their life-long journey of a never-ending beating , I was hooked…

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Let’s stop and think about numbers for a second. A one is a one across the world. It is a steadfast measurement generating from Hindu–Arabic numeral system that is now accepted throughout the world. Two is a two, and so forth. Whole numbers are a discrete measurement. Meaning they do not imply any “squishy-ness”. They are hard. They are clear.

When we talk about User Story points, we’re really talking about estimation and forecasting. We want to estimate how much time, effort, and complexity a task might take. But let’s be honest with ourselves here. Does this matter to the…

  • Ansible uses SSH

There are many reasons to use Ansible: agentless, Open-Source Software (OSS), idempotent, etc. But let’s come back to the way Ansible works. It uses SSH. Think about whenever you’re not directly in front the server you’re working on (a good portion of the time, right?). Typically getting into these machines relies on SSH. In fact, it’s the first thing Amazon Web Services (AWS) tells you to set up before you can log in to their Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances. For those unfamiliar, EC2 is the equivalent of a Virtual Machine. …

Patrick Carney

Architect with Red Hat’s Open Innovation Labs driving change and modern software development

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