No Fixed Destination

There’s something pleasant about going for a walk with no place in mind, to ride a bike on a trail that leads somewhere, where, we don’t know for sure.

Yesterday I did just that. We rode our bikes to the western edge of the island to a port and gazed at the sun as it went down to welcome the start of a fresh, silky night. We talked about everything and nothing, we considered this to be time well spent, outside of all the distractions and responsibilities that frame our life on a daily basis.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, but as we bath too long in an environment that jams a having mentality on us, we forget that there’s actually very little we need to be or own to feel content.

When you forget your social identity you open yourself up to some wonderful experiences. You stop making conclusions, you stop feeling like you need to be right. You invite whatever is on your path, feel the possibilities and blend in without even trying.

There is something powerful about this wandering about because your mind is not given an end-point. There is only this happening going on. You can’t be elsewhere, just here. As a matter of fact, I left all my personal belongings at home. There was no room for distraction by things. It could be argued that this wasn’t smart if something would occur, but I was willing to face those consequences, were they to happen.

It is possible to cultivate that feeling even when we are going to a specific place at a specific time. It’s about repeating : “Until I get there, I am here.”

Food for thought.

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