Hit ’em Where it Hurts — Ad Revenue


Up until today, I somehow made it through the Twitter minefield of politics and activism without finding out about Sleeping Giants. Their initiative is to deny breitbart’s advertisement revenue by bringing attention to companies whose ads are appearing on the site without their knowledge (due to programmatic advertising) and who otherwise would not want to be associated with racism, xenophobia, white nationalism, and all the rest of the nonsensical carny-fuckery that breitbart stands for.

So far, they’ve been very successful in convincing over 1,300 companies (as of 10:00 PM 2/27/17) and counting to withdraw their ad buys from breitbart’s site. That’s not pocket change.

For anyone, whether on the right or the left, who wants to have an active role in not tolerating discrimination and racism, and in pointing out that the things that are happening that hurt people in this country and around the world are not to be tolerated, here’s pretty much the easiest possible thing for you to do:

It costs you no money. It costs you very little of your time. Yeah, you do have to crawl the breitbart site to actually find the ads, but hey — sacrifice, yeah?