I’m so tired and I’m not even a woman.
William Stubbs

William Stubbs, thank you for this piece. Good job!

You sound like me. At times, “I” get so blasted frustrated at the attitudes of some ‘men’. “I” get so frustrated and ticked off because it casts such a bad light on the rest of us that many women automatically treat us the same way as the crappy men. AND PRIMARILY, IT WASTES SO MUCH PRODUCTIVE TIME FOR WOMEN TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH!!!!

My wife is a feminist and we talk about some of these same things. Just because the person in question is up for a job, for a meeting, for entrepreneurship — it should not make a damn bit of difference. The only thing that matters for anyone, male or female is that the job gets done.

Old, crappy attitudes from the past. How the hell do we stop them? The only way “I” know how is to:

a) walk the walk and talk the talk of and about equality and work at being free of discrimination.

b) be a role model that inspires other men to “hopefully” follow (but it’ll likely be younger men as many of the older men will not or may not change their stripes)

Yes, to the ‘men’ out there who may think evil thoughts at me — “I” am a ‘man’, 5'9", 210 lb, older former jarhead (still doing 3 miles in 30 min) with double grad degrees. I believe in treating everyone equally and fairly, free of discrimination. I could give a rat’s butt if that other person is male or female, black or white, old or young — it’s the content and character of the person that matters. That along with ethics and integrity.

And yeah, I also do things like cut in between the ‘men’ and the young woman in yoga pants.