What you don’t know about getting hired

Tips to get around screening & get a face-to-face interview

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One of the hardest things about getting an interview is getting someone’s attention. I’ve learned some great tips from a friend who runs an awesome recruiting agency, I’ve learned a lot from applying them, but also from recruiting and interviewing over the past year.

So, here’s some of the less talked about ways to land your dream role

1. Know what you want

This is easier said than done, but take the time and figure out what you actually want to do. You’re going to spend a lot of time doing it and trying to convince people passionate about their jobs that you’re also passionate about them. Plus, it’ll make the process a whole lot more fun

2. Ask people to grab coffee/tea/lunch

Everyone who has had any level of success feels lucky & wants to give back. Find people doing what you want (or think you might want) to do and ask them if they’d be okay to meet you for a coffee and help you figure out what their job is like.

As long as you sound genuine, nearly everyone is happy to help someone find their feet

3. Go. To. Meetups.

So how do you find those people? Live in a moderately built up area? Awesome, go check out Meetup. Meetups are a great place to find people passionate about the topic.

If you’re nervous about going to one, bring a friend or visit a smaller meetup to get to know people. Don’t live in one of those places? Scavenge LinkedIn, Twitter, etc for people who do it

4. Half of all jobs aren’t advertised, go find them

A lot of hiring goes something like:

Person McPerson: “Hey, do you know anyone who’d be good for X?”

Named Person: “Hmm, actually That Person would be a great for that”

A lot of the time that doesn’t work out, so reach out to friends and find out if they have any openings. Reach out to startups/small companies that don’t know they need someone like you yet — startups tend to be crazy and you often find the right person before you think of the role.

Worst case is they say no & you’re now on their radar for next time. Go do it.

5. Don’t just send a resumé, reach out

Most jobs you’ll find have an application process, but like everything, hiring is a very human process and someone is going to have to make a decision. By all means apply as normal, but you can also find out more about the role & get your name in there too.

Find someone who is involved in hiring the position (see the company’s LinkedIn for roles) and reach out to them with whatever question you have. You’ll be far more memorable and also show you aren’t just dropping in a resumé and hoping for the best

6. When it gets tough, stick with it

You’ll send emails and get no reply, get rejected, find you’re too inexperienced for some companies and deal with many other weird (yet wonderful) situations. Remember you lost nothing for trying & gained more experience and confidence.

Keep at it, the next one could be it

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