The Summer of Durant

Like I promised, I will now give my opinion of what I think KD will do this summer. I think Kevin is a very loyal individual, but I also think he is too smart to not consider all of his options. I will go over some of the possible outcomes…

Celtics: The Celtics offer a good coach in Brad Stevens, along with a strong supporting cast and some high draft picks. Boston also has a lot of cap room and would more than likely adjust their roster to Durant’s liking. The only problem I see here is a big one: the Celtics are not built to win now, and that is a huge factor. Likelihood of Durant in green next year: not good.

Heat: Pat Riley and Miami will certainly make a push for KD this summer, but I think the uncertainty of Bosh’s health will deter Durant from coming. Likelihood of Durant taking his talents to South Beach: decent.

Wizards: Former coach Scott Brooks made the move to Washington, and Wizards fans are hoping that will convince Durant to “come home”. Unfortunately, I don’t think Washington becomes a title contender even if Durant signs. Besides, Billy Donovan proved more in one year as head coach than Brooks did in all his time in OKC. Likelihood of a homecoming: virtually none.

Rockets: KD will not team up with former teammate Harden in Houston. It just won’t happen (barring something major happening). Likelihood of a Harden-Durant reunion: there is none.

Spurs: This is an interesting option. Durant could team up with Kawhi Leonard (MVP runner-up) and LaMarcus Aldridge in San Antonio to form a pretty good big 3, but I just can’t see KD leaving to join a team that he eliminated this past year. Likelihood of Durant going “rodeo”: good but not great.

Warriors: As much as it pains me to say it, the KD to the bay option might be the most likely (if he leaves). The Dubs are on the verge of repeating as NBA champs, and KD could very easily make that a 3-peat next year. In my opinion though, if Durant chose to go to GS and join Curry, he would be tagging along for a ring instead of truly winning one himself, and I think that would hurt his legacy. Also, I think OKC and his supporting cast proved they have what it takes to take down the Warriors. After all, they were one quarter away from the finals. Likelihood of a KD-Steph-Klay-Dray SuperTeam: pretty good (if Durant chooses to leave).

Lakers: This one is just for fun-zees, but it is pretty cool to think about a possible KD and LeBron team up in LA. I don’t see it ever happening, but with James on the verge of losing yet another finals series, you can’t rule anything out. Maybe Russ would join next year as well (LOL). Likelihood of LeBron and KD to Hollywood: only exists in dreams.

Thunder: OKC gives KD the best chance of a ring next year. I don’t see any reason for him to change teams. He has called Oklahoma City home for the past decade or so, and he clearly loves the place. He and Russ are both top 5 players in this league and I would be very surprised to see Durant leave. The pieces are there, and the supporting cast is still very young. If Durant resigns, this team has the potential to compete for a championship every year for the next 5–6 years. Likelihood of Durant staying: excellent.

My prediction: KD signs 2-year deal with player option for second year. OKC wins the title next year and KD signs extension (along with a Westbrook resigning next summer as well).

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