Hi there, thanks for stopping by to find out more about me.
My name is Patrick Albin, I’m a husband, father and digital product designer.

I love to travel, have fun and try not to take myself too seriously. I am a very hard worker but I also love to relax and hang out in our California garden with my girls. I love all things design and technology, especially photography, fashion, color and type. I love being in cities, the forest and at the beach, I love walking our dog, I love reading and eating good food, and I love my family and my friends to pieces.

I can also been described as an extroverted introvert. 
My background is in behavioral user experience design mainly for e-commerce related digital products and services and I have worked for large corporations and start-ups. Over the past few years I have been working contract projects while simultaneously working with my young daughter Lily on ThreadWeather, a fashion inspiration and mobile weather app idea that she conceived one day after watching her mom for the millionth time, check her smart phone to find out what the weather would be that day and then head off to other apps to get style ideas from her favorite fashion influencers on their blogs and Instagram.

Lily wanted to know why we couldn’t have an app with inspiring style and the weather combined since mom used the weather to help her decide how to dress. 
I saw her observation as an opportunity to empower her to not only express herself but to demonstrate the role of design in solving everyday problems with creative solutions and how to collaborate with others to bring big ideas to life.
I am proud to announce that together and with the help of many others we have brought her idea to life and that we are now on the next phase of our journey.


Me and my favorite girl
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