Claremont McKenna College Has a Race Problem — This is Also On Us
Taylor Lemmons

Sadly and with a heavy heart I need to update my previous post — I tried to reach out to Ms Lemmons, but to date my efforts have failed -but hopefully I can influence some of her supporters, try and reach out to some of the protesters at Claremont Mckenna and try and provide some guidance -before they put more lives at risk and conduct more random character assassinations.

A tragic series of events are happening at Claremont McKenna, that are setting back race relations. Race is an issue, and has been an issue at Claremont McKenna. But it appears that the activists at this School have been adopting appalling strategies and engaging in self-aggrandizement. In American society today –the appearance, the optics are all that matters.

The hunger striker at the University of Missouri Jonathan Butler had good a strong case and he won and I am glad about that. Sadly the apparent vain copycat striker at Claremont, will tragically provoke the opposite to the desired effect –she will become Rush Limbaugh’s wet dream. The problem is that Taylor Lemmon’s and her supporters at the University fail to see the larger dynamics and are so blinded by passion that they cannot see the difference between the people who are sympathetic to their cause and the people who want to oppress them.

Now let us look at the harm that is being done.

1) Claremont is only 43% White. A minority of the 43% come from very wealthy backgrounds raised by parents who only care about material wealth. Being wealthy is not a bad thing, being part of the 1% is not a bad thing. I estimate that 50% of the 1% give a dam, the other half do not. Now as a general rule their children will likely be more idealistic and sensitized — I am confident that way more than 50% of that 1% do any care a great deal. They may focus on other important issues, but there are numerous very important issues to care about. But here is the thing — those kids that are pre disposed to have negative views about certain minorities will now be solidifying their views with their peer group, with their families –circling the wagon as it were. These families are the ones with political clout. 158 families provide 50% of the financing for the whole of US democracy. Taylor Lemmon’s thinks her vote does not matter –she’s right, but then unless you can afford to pay off your local congressman, no one’s vote matter. We do not have a Democracy and Taylor Lemmon and her friends have just handed the oppressors a gift from heaven.

As I write people are looking at what has happened at McKenna and are appalled at the over reach, black kids going around randomly calling white kids racists — the well of sympathy is draining rapidly. It is draining across the country, I see on it this forum and now I hear it everywhere. It is called polarization, leading to extremism –everyone loses.

2) Taylor Lemnons’ hunger strike obtained a Pyrrhic victory. But she has created an environment that could easily become deadly. First she might inspire right wing terrorism –because those are the people who engage in terrorism. Then the NRA will get involved demand Guns for “safety”, but just bear in mind that blacks are not welcome in the NRA. The NRA will not win that specific battle, but they will win in the public forum –nudging people further down an infantile and idiotic gun culture. But it’s worse than that — by winning a highly suspect hunger strike — Taylor is effectively blocking off this strategy in the future. Because at some point society will say the obvious — “we cannot allow some kid with an opinion to hold society hostage.” The next kid that adopts this strategy might have a far better specific grievance –but that kid will likely be toast. The specific scenario in which Taylor Lemmons played her race card was highly suspect –and it will not be a scenario that will win the hearts and minds in the public forum. I was able to support the kids at the University of Missouri –because I could make an irrefutable argument. On this issue, at best I may try and remain silent when confronted with the real enemy –those that either need to rationalize the absurd income discrepancy trends by pointing to situations like this, or the rest of the GOP base who blame their lack of financial success on the 47% moochers and the immigrants of course — and guess who they perceive the moochers to be?

3) You are in Claremont, Claremont should be a safe place. You live in California and you are blessed with are relatively intelligent Governor. But most of the people you purport to be representing, they are not quite so lucky –they get to live is places like Arkansas, Mississippi, St Louis Missouri — most states have Stupidparty Governors, who become ever increasingly dependent of an ever more militarized police force. Unarmed black youths getting fatally shot is sky rocketing even though violent crimes have halved over the last twenty years. Now you have just fed into the base, the base who supports these governors. The chances of holding the police more accountable, has just shrunk — which means that unarmed black youths will carry on dying in increasing numbers. All because you do not recognize who your enemy is.

4) The president of the United States is perhaps the most impressive politician on the planet right now, his family is the classiest family in White House history –yet none of that is good enough for the bigot base, who hate everything he does –to the extent that they happily cut their own throats. There are plenty things in an ideal world he should have done, imprisoned the 47 traitorous senators, meaningful Gun control, single payer healthcare, but he has to play the hand he was dealt, and look for America to grow–just like it has on gay rights. Now just imagine if Obama had been less than perfect –these people would have an argument. At present they have no substance and can never win an argument. Not one of them as ever come close to battling me with intelligence, with substance. Look at my posts on race and find a Mathematical flaw.

5) You feel bad because you feel that you have been slighted, no doubt on numerous occasions. I realize that I don’t fully get it –but at least I think about it, dwell on it and listen. But we all have our crosses to bare –mine is handling the massive amount of Stupidity(party) that pervades society, it represents an existential threat to mankind– gives me sleepless nights of frustration, requiring Ambien, Restoril, Xanax, Valium, Seroquil, alcohol –and other stuff, taken in rotation just to get through it all. It is doubly disappointing when people I rely on to act intelligently fail to do so –when they sink to the same level as the bad guys, creating the argument of false equivalence –an argument that dooms us all -because in a stalemate the only winners are the people who have bought up Democracy and control the levers of power. The Gun crowd are drooling for anarchy — the day when America resembles Mogadishu and open carry becomes a necessity rather than a sign of stupidity

So you need to reign in your troops, get them to behave significantly better than the bad guys –do some outreach of your own. Behave with class and style, like the President of the United States.

My full thoughts of racial issues and other issues facing the US can be found here