Thanks for sharing this Patrick Andrews.
Guita Gopalan

Hi Guita, thanks for your comments. Re your point 2, I think many people in large businesses would say that they are at the mercy of the customer. And I think it is true that, for almost all businesses, they have to be responsive to customers. However this is often taken to extremes. Many large businesses selling directly to the public are guilty of pandering to the whims of the customers, stoking up artificial desires to boost sales. Some even deliberately mislead them (airline Ryanair says it is lowering its baggage charges while in fact raising them)or fixing the market to over-charge and over-sell to them. Behind this is, in my view, a relentless urge to grow and the urge to win — the combination of these two can make people lose all their integrity.

Re. point 3, I agree with your observation. Stanley Milgram’s experiments showed how susceptible we are to authority — we can lose touch with our own sense of right and wrong. The good news is that, over time and given the right conditions, it is possible to develop a greater awareness of your inner self, so that you are more able to resist the temptation to go with the flow.

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