Game of Thrones: Episode One

So, I’ve decided to hop on one of America’s largest band wagon, Game of Thrones. Everyone in the music department speaks highly and enthusiastically about this show, making me all the more interested. My first thoughts about the show was, “what a way to start off a show, three people have died already”. After realizing that this was only the beginning I was hooked. Next game the nudity, I was a little taken aback at first, I didn’t realize how explicit this was until I actually stated viewing it. I realize the show incorporates a lot of today’s “drama” as well. I realize the tension in the kingdom as of right now, the fact that their kings right hand man has been murdered. It shows that governments are corrupt and stakes are high. When I saw the dwarf, I lost it. At first I thought it was awesome, but then I realized it he was an outsider in that society. I heard nicknames like “imp” used.

As I continue to watch this show, I grow more and more attached because of how meaningful the episodes are, each one start with the end of a cliff hanger, and ends with a new one. The cliff hangers are generally preceded by an outrages act, for instance incest. Incest is still a problem in today’s culture, but I didn’t expect much of it in that era, once I realized that it effected the queens title, it made me realize that people, even in that show are worried about their image. The fact that the queen tried to kill the son Bran twice shows that image is a huge factor. Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying the show.

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