If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

People like Sasha Stone are the reason I despise the Democratic Party. She’s petulant, dishonest, deluded, and hates progressives more than barbed-wire pie. Absurd, childish outbursts like Sasha’s just confirm how very little common ground is left between the neoliberal warmongers of the Democratic Party and genuine progressives.

Look at how Sasha characterizes Hillary’s active promotion of fracking all over the world: ‘she has not 100% opposed fracking the way Bernie Sanders has.’ No, she hasn’t, Sasha. She has opposed fracking precisely zero percent. She only started expressing vague, non-committal reservations about fracking when it became an election issue.

But what I know about Sasha is that she is selfish. Sasha doesn’t give a damn that Hillary’s favorite hobby is regime change, that Hillary is a career warmonger who actively promoted the bombing of Serbia, the invasion of Iraq, the invasion of Libya, and the coup in Honduras, and has literally never met a war she didn’t like. Sasha doesn’t care that one of Hillary’s greatest foreign policy objectives is regime change in Syria. Sasha could not care less about Hillary’s belligerence toward Russia and China. Sasha is just fine with Hillary’s militaristic rhetoric about Ukraine and Iran. Sasha is content with Hillary’s close ties to the Saudi regime that has actively supported fundamentalist Islamic terrorists for more than thirty years, and with the fact that Hillary has often done the same. Sasha doesn’t give a tiny rat’s ass about the fact that more than a million people are already dead because of policies that Hillary either initiated or supported, and Hillary hasn’t even been President yet. Sasha will cheerfully vote for the deaths of the hundreds of thousands more who will die in Hillary’s wars, because Sasha is a selfish pig who doesn’t care what happens, as long as her party wins.

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