I’m Lost

I started Free Code Camp in early 2016 and I am lost. Long before that I became a Wordpress.org developer.

I still wonder how people make the transition from hobbyist web developer, to a professional in the field with a client list. I have the skills, and currently gaining a more powerful skill set.

But the question still remains, how do I show clients and businesses that I know exactly what I’m doing? I know Wireframing and marketing research. I know theme building and strong SEO article writing. I know how to construct responsive, mobile friendly websites. As well as adding security, encryption, e-commerce and even making the buttons just the right shade of blue with CSS.

So with a head full of self doubt telling me to give up, I forge on.

I plow through Basic JavaScript lessons in Free Code Camp. Then I go through Basic Algorithms until my mind cracks. Now I have the projects, which I like. But its not easy.

I know in my less optimistic times, like tonight, I must remind myself what Development Consulting Companies look for. I recall asking one such hiring manager how to get a job there, and they asked me in return, “What do ya got?” was their response.

It comforts me more, knowing what they’re looking for. Not some set of mystery skills that are unreachable, but instead, a list of direct skills and solid portfolio. The Demo, or it didn’t happen. Knowing this puts me on more solid ground.

But I’m still lost. I have to dig my heels in even deeper and plow through more difficult algorithms, challenges and projects. I have to build up my portfolio.

I also have made it my responsibility to use and understand Git, React, Node.js and Angular.js. Its total immersion time. I feel like I’m neck deep in material that I only know half of.

And I have no idea who to talk to about it. So I watch videos, I Google it, I read articles and books about it. I wish there was some barometer I can measure my performance on. Or someone whose in the same situation I am, that I can discuss this with.

Because frankly, its more than a little disheartening, feeling like you have nowhere to turn for answers, or at least a little input. And I feel this way.

But I vow to commit to more daily hours in Free Code Camp, and to add other Code Camp work to increase my skills, and to focus on tutorials that would strengthen my work in the 2 code camps.

Because I want to work an internship this summer of 2017.

And next summer, I want to code in California.