Why “Have Code Will Travel”?

I spent years as a Wordpress Developer. It was all new to me. And I hungrily explored the Wordpress.org Content Management System setup.

Fascinated with diving into the structure of Pages, Categories & Tags, as well as SEO, E-commerce & Themes I continue my work in blogging & CMS platforms.

Then I changed. An instructor suggested I combine my web development with programming skills, so I began exploring programming languages.

When I found Free Code Camp, it felt the most right to me. I’m aware its as equally a competitive field as its one needing to be filled. Which brings me to Have Code Will Travel.

I live in a city with a population of 60,000 people. And an unfortunately troubled economy. And I clearly see a 2-rung system I must employ in my life, if coding is truly important to me.

  1. I must act on local internships, volunteer work & local coding jobs to give my Skill Set, experience.
  2. I must increase my adaptability by becoming more mobile, in order to literally dive to the web development projects made available to me.

The first part is easier. Coding everyday is important. Equally important is Marketing ourselves daily. A good Portfolio grows weekly, with progressively better work. Properly Marketing yourself to the right people will get your phone ringing for new projects.

Then comes the ride.

My idealized image? Perhaps. But How far are you willing to go to be a paid coder? 10 Miles? 50 miles? 100 miles?

What if you worked & saved up for a RV to take you over 500 or 1,000 miles for Web Development projects? What if you decided to drive your car across the country into California to gain experience & opportunity?

I feel it. It is uncharted & frightening territory. It feels a little like the Wild West. But isn't it worth diving into head first? It is to me.

So this is me, diving into the fray of the programming world. My beginning of ‘Have Code Will Travel’. Ive now decided to write weekly updates on my new experiences with programming languages of choice, my seeking the large live-in ride to take me to the projects…and the often vibrant and changing life happening around me.
Have Code Will Travel

Code Skills & proper technique are being written about constantly, so I’m taking a new approach. Coding & the life experience around it, would be a beautiful series of topics to write about. So it begins now.

For Hunter Thompson, the Kentucky Derby wasn't just the Derby. For Anthony Bourdain, a Noodle House is not just an eatery. So Coding & Travel must be written about with an equal vibrancy that sometimes borders on the uncanny & violent, or simply the sublime & introspective.

I’m letting life get in the way & putting it in the code.

My name is Patrick Hayes and I live in Utica NY. I am a Front End Developer working towards my Certification. I love travel, learning new things, and spicy noodles.