Tips That Helped Me Avoid Burnouts

As I come closer to the end of my 15-week coding bootcamp, my classmates and I seem to have the same response when asked how we are feeling… WE ARE BURNED-OUT!! While being in a fast forward bootcamp, a burnout might be inevitable... here are some tips that helped me combat against just throwing my computer out the window and calling it a day:

1. The Pomodoro Technique

In the bootcamp you are given an extraordinary amount of curriculum to complete, finishing all of it seems literally impossible, and if that wasn’t bad enough, everyday involves another 2-hour lecture on a new topic and the cycle repeats. I could remember countless times finishing a lecture and thinking to myself “ I don’t remember anything that was just said”, or finishing labs just to complete them, then the following day needing to go back and re-do them. After learning the Pomodoro technique and giving it a try, setting a timer to work productively for 25-minutes then giving myself a 5-minute break and repeat, I would retain the information much more clearly and by the end of each day the brain fatigue would be much less. Take a break, you’ve earned it

2. Exercise

Having to complete all the curriculum that is given in a coding bootcamp one might say “ Exercise? ha I don’t have time for that” or “I have more important things to do”, and I would agree. Exercising is the last thing on your mind but it can also be the best choice you make. Sitting in front of a computer, starring at the same screen 80–90 hours a week is exhausting, your body needs a different form of stimulation, circulation which allows blood-flow to be pumped throughout the body giving you a new source of energy you didn’t know you had in you. An exercise can flood the brain with fresh blood so problems you couldn’t solve prior seem like an easy fix. Getting myself up and started the workout is the hardest battle, but once I started, I quickly realized what a great decision you just made. 30-minutes a day 3-times a week is a great place to start. Get active

3. Shut The Computer

On Fridays I would always tell myself “ This weekend I am not going to do anything but study, “I need to catch up”, until the weekend came, and I would have zero motivation to even open my computer. If somehow I happened to find the slightest bit of motivation, I would sit there and not retain any of the information. I would then get frustrated in myself that i’m wasting my weekend and repeat the cycle all over again on Sunday. Was it worth it?

I’ve learned that stepping away from the computer even when sometimes thats the last thing you want to do or afford, turns out to be the better choice. Just like the body needs breaks from exercising too much, your brain needs time to relax as well. I noticed that the weekends where I choose to give myself a break and just shut the computer until Monday, also happened to be the most productive weeks. Shut the computer. Take a breather

4. Celebrate Small Victories

Celebrating small victories can be rough when it seems like the work will never stop pouring in, after one achievement is unlocked, another challenge is right around the corner, just waiting for that stress to kick back in. Celebrate the smallest of smallest victory because a victory is a victory and it feels good winning at something you worked hard for and dedicated countless hours into. Be proud

5.Remember Why You Started

When the stress is high and everything seems to be moving in a down-ward direction you start to lose all the motivation that was build before starting this endeavor. A thought that helped me overcome all of the challenges that arose during my time in the bootcamp was “remember why you started”. Life is going to be full of up-and-downs, bad days and good days that’s out of our control, but remembering why you started this journey and all the the people you still have to prove wrong should shoot that motivation right back to the top. Just keep swimming



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