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Started in the Army Now I’m Here

Both my parents were Marines, my grandpa was a Master Chief in the Navy, and an ancestor earned the Medal of Honor fighting in the Philippines. When contemplating my future growing up, the military was the life for me! Attracted to the Army for the opportunity to become a paratrooper and receive a job skill, I enlisted for six years with the intention of doing the full twenty.

The Army trained me in multimedia communications, taught me to jump out of planes without breaking my legs and a bunch of other important soldier skills before shipping me off to Fort Bragg, NC to be a part of the sole unit responsible for communications with populace overseas, Psychological Operations.

However, it wasn’t until my deployments to Korea and the Philippines, where I crafted persuasive communications in languages and for cultures unfamiliar to mine, that I truly discovered the challenging and rewarding tasks involved with running communication campaigns.

Moreover, deploying in a small team environment with limited resources stressed the importance of teamwork, doing more with less and working smarter not harder to get the job done — a mentality that continues to serve me well in today’s environment where new tools and software reimagine the status quo and make yesterday’s approach to accomplishing tasks needlessly time-consuming or ineffective.

Once my enlistment was up, I enrolled in college fulltime to pursue a degree in Marketing and Interactive Advertising — a curriculum I felt would deepen my understanding of running effective communication campaigns and offer a similar work experience after graduation. Moreover, having already been trained in graphic design and communication by the Army, this major felt complementing to existing skills I possessed.

Since graduating in 2013, I’ve earned my MS in Information Design and Strategy and have worked exclusively in the creative communications space.

Former US Army Paratrooper navigating the world of marketing and design. Often found hiking, learning and being a dad.

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