Started in the Army Now I’m Here

I enlisted into the U.S. Army at seventeen with the goal of following in my parents footsteps and pursuing a career in the military. However, the six years I spent working in Psychological Operations changed that pursuit. Developing integrated marketing campaigns in support of the War on Terror overseas opened my eyes to the science, creativity and power of effective communication.

I was fascinated with the infinite possibilities of conveying a message to obtain a desired effect, the out-of-the-box thinking, the brainstorming sessions, and the strategy of amplifying a simple idea into a full fledged measurable campaign.

In 2010, when my enlistment was complete, my fascination along with my curiosity of civilian life (among other things) led me to leave the uniform in search of a career in Marketing — a field I felt would most likely provide a similar experience. Having already been trained in graphic design and communication, I chose to compliment this knowledge by pursing a double major in Marketing and Interactive Advertising — earning dean’s list every semester I attended Rider and graduating in 2013.

Since graduating, I’ve worked almost entirely in the P&C insurance industry where I’ve once again found myself in team environments enjoying brainstorming sessions, receiving challenging communication tasks and being a part of the creative development process.

Outside of learning from those I work with, I continue to individually educate myself on the latest communication strategies, techniques, and tools. This commitment to continual education led me to apply to Northwestern’s Information Design and Strategy graduate program in 2016, to which I was accepted.

Now I work, learn, hike, love my wife & love my life.