We have pitches, now we need startups!

No, I am not desperate! But somehow I was thinking how to get enough startups to 4 pitching sessions at Pirate’s events in Famagusta, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

Not to mention our party for the celebration of 2 years Stage-Co with a live band and our star on the stage, Özlem İnce at Kolektif House. On top Startup Weekend Istanbul at Koç Incubator! Summer will be deserved. We are entering some crazy weeks with only 1 purpose, activate the startup scene, kick some a**. Not us, but you the startups. Below you will find all the links to mark your agenda and subscribe as participant or engaged visitor.

First Mentorship Training ended

Nothing but happy faces at the last day. We finished a 24 hours training spread over 4 Saturdays with a great mix of trainers and a surprise visit from a good friend, Chris Burggraeve. Chris came from New York and explained his vision on mentorship and startups. We covered many things we think a mentor should be aware of. Next we will get our alumni’s involved in our events to meet startups and get involved in mentorship. Check our facebook page to check on the trainers and the mentors! Click here. Big thanks to the trainers for their time and dedication! This week we have a training on Facebook Marketing and many more trainings will be announced soon. The aim is to provide a full program of topics we believe are crucial for the startups, mentors and investors. Trainings are always paid and aiming at a high quality and a high engagement. Stage-Co Masters wants to provide the tools we need for a more professional approach towards the startup scene. No more, no less.

Back to Brit Morin

It is no secret that Stage-Co is a big defender of woman entrepreneurs. Nor is it a secret that in Turkiye we live in a macho environment. Ferhan Cook started a discussion on Facebook: “… came back after 35 years to your own country only to find out that you can’t understand the way they do business and you resent the in- efficiencies even though you speak the language perfectly…” You can definitely say that we are living in a remarkable environment. I read an interesting blog, it was in Flemish, about the problems with the foreigners in Belgium, reflecting actually most of Europe. So many reasons to feel upset. Therefor I was wondering if in the startup world there were also “lighter” topics. Like for example the most sexiest entrepreneur. Before you shoot me down as a sexist (or any other stamp), the list contains men and women and you can find it here. According to Business Insider, Brit is on the first place. And before you close this mail, check on what she established as a startup and a maker. Here is her website www.brit.co. Enjoy the doers, enjoy the future!

Kolay gelsin!
(Turkish for “may the work be light for you” although we don’t really have this kind of expression which I love to use)

Patrick Bosteels


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