FullStory’s software engineering blog (originally christened bionic.fullstory.com or “Bionic” for short) launched in February 2019. Over the course of that first year, 5 new articles were published. As might be expected with low output, our blog received low traffic. Our recruiting team was interested in directing candidates to the blog, but feared that stale content would send a negative signal. Recognizing that a cadence of 5 articles per year didn’t relay the energy and enthusiasm inherent to our engineering group, our CTO decided that someone should lead the charge to reinvigorate our blog in 2020 and raise the profile of…

During my tenure at Coca-Cola, I’ve worked with diverse business groups from R&D (i.e. beverage impresarios) to marketing and ecommerce. One common theme across these groups: they need to modernize their digital platforms to suit the demands of contemporary workforces and customers — folks whose expectations around digital experiences are molded more by consumer applications like Facebook and Gmail than business platforms like SAP and Sharepoint.

Marrying business needs with workforce and customer expectations about user experience requires purposeful digital product development. …

There are three rules for success when building digital products:

  1. There is no substitute for actual functioning software
  2. There is no substitute for actual functioning software
  3. There is no substitute for actual functioning software


Non-tech companies (like the one I work for) increasingly rely on speedy software delivery to achieve important business goals. Agile delivery is now being institutionalized within enterprises so that they can roll out actual functioning software as quickly as possible. These enterprises often rely on 3rd-party suppliers to build their software. …

Several weeks ago I brought home a copy of Creative Loafing, Atlanta’s alt-weekly magazine. Guided by some nefarious motive that my noncynical mind can’t comprehend, they published an image of ice cream cones planted head-first into concrete on the cover of their summer issue.

The saddest picture ever

My wife, my daughter and I discussed the picture. We do this thing as parents where we talk to our 4 year old daughter about finding solutions to problems she witnesses in her environment (I think my wife read about this in a book, or maybe we just picked it up from Peg + Cat). …

When a system enters DevOps Zen it has achieved calm, unthinking persistence. I categorize the path to DevOps Zen into four stages: three stages of life and the final elevation into life eternal.

The path to DevOps Zen


First there is an idea, and then a team of developers are brought together to make this idea real through code. As coders bring this idea to life, they can build it so that it grows into a healthy application or they can build it so that the application requires constant care and attention just to maintain basic functionality.

To achieve DevOps Zen, coders must Code Well…

Patrick Brandt

Technologist, Agilist, Strategist

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