Why I don’t have a writing sample.

When I saw the Marketing Associate listing on BetaList, you had my attention immediately. Your mission of ensuring access to quality education for children around the world really resonated with my own passions, and the job description fit both my professional goals and the skills I have developed as a legal writer (please see my cover letter for more details!). I wanted to apply as quickly as possible, but alas, mere moments after clicking “apply here,” I hit a stumbling block: where on earth did all my writing samples go? How does someone who writes for a living manage to not have a decent length sample of his livelihood?

For the past two years, I have produced an incredible volume of writing as a legal writer and assistant paralegal for Fragomen, the world’s leading corporate immigration firm. Every day, I spoke with extraordinarily capable job candidates to build arguments for why they were qualified to work and live in the United States as individuals of extraordinary ability. From brilliant coders to world class materials scientists, I combined their answers with my own research both online and in scholarly articles to translate their many contributions for a lay audience of government officials. While it was a privilege to cover the cutting edge research and development that would go on to be included in the latest in consumer technology, the sensitive nature of this information meant that the thousands of pages of writing I produced will never see the light of day. This is how a professional writer ends up with no writing sample to show for it.

But wait, wasn’t I also a college student for four years? Why yes, I was! As a student, I wrote plenty of papers on my trusty MacBook, from technical research papers on the economics of Ebola to creative stories about a wizard dating service. I would have been more than happy to show you any (well most) of these works, but in 2015, tragedy struck. Specifically this fire. While I am grateful just to be alive, my MacBook going up in flames does happen to explain where all my writing from college has gone.

Despite these setbacks, I am still incredibly excited about potentially serving as Front Row’s Marketing Associate position, and I hope that this post helps you gauge the quality of my written work.

But hey, even if I don’t get the job, at least I have a writing sample.

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