You have clearly missed the point, you have companies posting record profits, buying other…
Stefanie Williams

A company posting record profits doesn’t automatically mean everyone gets a pay increase. Those record profits are the result of controlling staff costs while remaining competitive to a burgeoning market. I guarantee any equivalent company in the Bay Area will pay exactly the same.

The core issue I have with Talia is that there is an assumption that she can live beyond her means (ESPECIALLY in San Francisco) and then blame her employer because she can’t afford the life she thinks she deserves.

I hate the millennial argument. I don’t actually think it exists as a concept outside of excuse making for the entitled. ALL generations have struggled in varying ways, the recession in the late 80s was equally barbaric to the baby boomers and Gen Xers and this was to Gen Y and Millenials.

I am now in my mid thirties, have supported myself since I was a teenager (believe me when I say I got NO financial support from my parents), left university with huge debt despite working two jobs and somehow muddled my way through house shares, jobs I didn’t really like and very very difficult times. My success now is a result of sheer determination NOT to make excuses for things that are within my control. I would love to live in a 4 bedroom, city centre townhouse with a garden and go on holiday 6 times a year. The reality is, I can’t afford that yet but if I continue to muddle through and learn then I will get there.

What Talia doesn’t do and what Stefanie so clearly articulates, is make the best of an undesirable situation. Regardless of who we are and where we come from, we have to first accept we are where we are and then think about how we get to where we want to be. Badmouthing your boss and complaining about a generous benefits package whilst living alone in an expensive city that you cannot afford is not the right strategy. This is true whether you’re a 22, 32, 52 or 72 year old. Live within your means and stay realistic.

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