What about the cave on Dagobah in Empire Strikes Back?
Nathan Files

I suppose in a way. I’d argue that the difference though is that the cave is a place rather than a singular object. The cave was really the nly instance of a place though, at least in the movies. I know in some of the various Star Wars video games and the other EU, there were places that were kind of Holy sites, where there was a strong presence of the Force. But those aren’t canon anymore.

I’m not sure what the Marvel comics have been doing with the lore, or what The Clone Wars cartoon established either, but so far as I know, there are places that are stronger in the Force than others, which would explain the cave, as well as why Luke in TFA was seeking out the first Jedi Temple.

There might be information there that could help him, but it seems likelier to me it’s because it’s a place with a strong Force presence.

An object like a lightsaber or the helmet hasn’t been seen before.

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