My immediate neighbours in Moss Park. Toronto’s housing plan as winter approaches.

It’s a long and winding road that leads from dire poverty to boundless prosperity and back on the downtown East of the Canadian metropolis.

Here follows a public testament on the insolvency of a business I deeply believed in, dedicated to all those struggling with the sudden, monumental upheaval of personal goals and interrupted lives in the face of the pandemic. I’m writing today of frustration and some measure of constructive rage, so forgive my periodic belligerence.

I must begin with this week’s needless, circular, futile, no-good, pointless, asinine, circuitous, Dickensian, Kafkaesque, self-defeating EI clusterfuck.

My nightmare began like that…

This summer saw the sudden termination of the head of Brazil’s National Space and Research Institute (INPE) following a clash between science and far right politics with cautionary lessons for democracies facing critical elections in 2019 which will either buttress or turn back the authoritarian nationalist surge personified by Donald J. Trump’s risible presidency.

A section forest the size of two football pitches is clear cut every minute of every day. The Brazilian Amazon, Canadian/Russian Taiga and the Congo account for a preponderant majority of the planet’s viable forest cover.

Respected physicist Ricardo Galvão was summarily fired after presenting satellite evidence indicating Brazil’s Amazon rainforest — along with the Taiga and Congo a primary lung of the Earth — was being deforested at nearly double the rate observable in 2018.

769.1 square kilometers of forest were…

Patrick de Sousa Lahey

Writer and creative professional based in Toronto. Driven by the currency of ideas and commonality of people of conscience everywhere. @pdesousalahey

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