The Grump

I’ve slept long enough, time to get up
from this boring bed, very boring, yup.
I’d rather bathe and get dressed
than stay here in arrest
in this bed I detest.
A bath would be best.

I want to get out, the water’s turned cold.
My bed was soft and warm from my mold.
I’m hungry now and would rather eat
than freeze from my feet
to the tip of my seat.
Breakfast would be neat.

This oatmeal is bland and way too thick.
My bath was nice and didn’t make me sick.
The bus is close, it’s time for school.
No more of this cruel
breakfast of gruel.
School would be cool.

School lasts too long, I want to leave.
My stomach is growling, wouldn’t you believe.
Home is where I should be.
Not in this prison until 3
making me ornery.
At home I’m free.

There’s nothing to do, this house is a bore.
No recess here, just chore after chore.
Let’s go to the gym and play ball with Tim.
I’d dunk over him
if I could jump to the rim.
Is Tim at the gym?

I’m losing this game, Tim is a cheat.
Alone with my chores I couldn’t be beat.
I should go home and eat food
since I’m in a bad mood
from this rude cheating dude.
Food will change my attitude.

I’m full, can I be done?
If I had stayed at the gym I could have won.
I’ll eat quick so I can play,
and won’t delay
stuffing myself into dismay.
I’ll play now, OK?

My toys are old and dreary.
Nothing’s fun when full and weary.
I’ll clean up, read me a book?
The one with that mean old crook
Captain Hook!
That’s my favorite book.

Well that was humdrum.
Sleep inducing boredom.
Tuck me in to bed?
I’ll sleep like the dead
now that I dread
that book you read.
A better day is ahead.

In my experience as a parent, empathy and gratitude are, to a degree, taught. As with most lessons for small children, frustration is par for the course.