I’m Building a Bridge

I’m building a bridge.

Oh really? Me too!
Mine is strong,
could support a zoo.
But won’t be done
for a year or two.

Well mine is quite simple
and almost complete.
And will serve the people,
their bikes, and their fleets.

That’s nice but you missed
something more grand.
To carry your name,
your pride, and your brand.

I’m proud of my bridge,
and the fact that it
meets the growth target
and is under budget.

I see you didn’t use
new techniques and tools.
A look can reduce
your bridge down to
whats old, tried, and true.

Yes, but I can’t discern
why you would spurn
what our priors learned,
for that I’m concerned.

And how does it work?
I can’t quite tell
how it handles sea swell
without saying farewell.

It’s clever you see,
I cantilevered these beams
against cold welded seams
to address what some deem
as a risky scheme.

And my models predict
a successful project
as long as I correct
and find each defect.

The more you explain
and all I see
is unnecessary complexity.
Take it from me,
this is too risky.

I can’t accept that,
and your world of old hat.
It feels like I’m trapped,
constrained, and untapped.

I admire your passion,
it’s contagious to all.
But put up a wall
between need and enthrall.

I write this from my perspective as a Software Architect who’s been dulled a bit by discipline over the years (a natural progression, I think). I sometimes find the above narrative happening in my own head, as though a bit of me is bored with the discipline I have to exercise at this point in my career.