The Tragedy of Fritz Haber: The Monster Who Fed The World
Paul Barach

On August 6 1945 the United States of America instantly vaporized 70,000 human beings …. The causes for the conflict of WWI as presented by your article are simplistic and put the blame on the Germans . This article is well done and the point is taken . But the state sponsered horror that is occuring every day in the name of who is right and who is wrong stems back well into the 19th century . The European States were to blame for WWI . The decision to invade Belgum by the Germans ..this decision to arm for war and to wait for an oppritunity ..these are the reasons for war … Ask the French …. The troubles we are in at this very moment is because we do not remember … The blame for war is because of complex reasons of the State and the corporate greed . When will we ever learn? The people must begin to remember ….No more war …

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