If there is a Force, Experiences are the visitation of it in our lives.
I don’t like easy questions, I like hard ones. The last four years have been a period of growth. Painful, just like a period usually is.

In this time, I have had to lay out every one of my beliefs, and gaze at them, the way a Principal would — an errant child.

My biggest realisation is that what we really are, are our beliefs. Nothing more, or less. What is right, or wrong, is very very subjective but beliefs are far less so. They are clear, they are direct, you either accept them or you don’t.

Beliefs so constitutionally - and sometimes, errant, shape our existences and the quality and value we derive from them - it is small wonder that from the time we are children, village elders, parents, teachers and religious authorities attempt to shape and mould them on our behalf.

The trouble with this approach is it can’t but contain a bias. When experiences differ, values and belief sets must as well. Because values and beliefs are the sons and daughters of experiences, and it is they that form us, not our parents, teachers, churches, temples or mosques.

We can say with some conclusion, therefore, that experiences are our teacher, our Holy Father or Mother, should One exist.

We do not need Bibles, thus, we do not need korans, we do not need Talmuds or even Gitas. We need Experiences — as many of them as we can get.

If there is a Higher Power, a Force, so to speak, Experiences, I suspect, are the visitation of it upon our lives!

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