What music can do to our feelings – perhaps put us in touch with them.

Every culture and spiritual system encourages music.

The Jains encourage their children to play the tabla and the veena.

The Christians encourage their children to play the violin, the piano, the oboe, the guitar.

Observing the children of the Salvation Army, a Christian sect I view as a deeply spiritual people simply based on the simplicity and charity which they live their life and their mission, I notice most of them play an instrument.

They do so endearingly, with angelic grace and fervour.

They appear not very stimulated children (this is very good given the inverse correlation we see between ‘stimulation’ and ‘success’).

They appear Children who are peace with themselves and the world and who are not afraid to embrace it charitably as a consequence.

What makes these children this way?

Good parenting, no doubt.

But I believe, something more, as well.

Music, and the way they play it.

Music is meditation for the mind. It balances and sequences it.

Music puts us in touch, it appears, with our feelings.

And when we understand our feelings we can deal with them much better.

Music is a wonderful therapy and tool to orchestrate an understanding of all our feelings – widen and deepen them.