Why we should’t just watch sport but also participate in it.

What sport teaches us about life.

Sport, I believe, ‘neuroshapes’ the mind to help us understand the game of life and how it is to be played if we are to succeed in it.

Sport is extremely valuable to the healthy development of an individual and every culture has encouraged it for centuries.

The genius of sport, I believe, is what it teaches at a subconscious level — life and how we should approach it.

Archery, for example, teaches us to FOCUS on a target — sweet little we will achieve in life without doing so.

The Javelin tells our body we are genetically still fit, and we have the power to throw a spear at an animal - and bring it down for food and warmth should we need to!

The 100metre is the centre piece of the Olympics because it tells our bodies we are ‘fit’ and can run away from wild animals before they can catch us!

It is no surprise to me that Africans excellent at the running sports. Think of all the wild animals they have chasing them (I’m just joking here)😀.