What I learned from 35 years of existence

I think I’m entering into midlife crisis already. With an average lifespan of about 70 these days I may have already lived halfway into my existence. What did I learn so far?

My body can’t take me where my mind would want to -unless in slo-mo. Bad knees, barely enough exercise and overeating has made me a huffin’ and puffin’ mess versus ye old adversary -the stairs. Eat healthy. Walk more. Stay in shape.

Friday and Saturday nights are heaven sent. More time in bed and just doing nothing. I can’t take liquor like I used to and tolerating loud music takes me to breaking point. Now I know why my Mom hated my Smashing Pumpkins cassette back in the day.

Makes you realize that true friends are hard to come by. Those who stay are worth more than gold. Having one true friend will always be worth more than a million acquaintances.

Not being married and not having a house or a car is okay. Not having a job is not.

Gotta stay away from screens for a period of time. But heck I’m using a screen to write this now.

Go places. Take photos. Experience everything while you can. Tag a special someone along is a bonus. Live. Laugh. Love. It can never be more real than that.

If I live to another 35 years I’ll tell you about what I learned next.

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