What I learned from eating out alone in Manila

On the few occasions that I get to have some alone time I always try to eat out while I can. Almost everyday me and my girl tend to go out for dinner after work and these rare times that I am by lonesome is quite a treat. I love you Baby but I need some of this every now and then.

I’ve observed that waiters always assume you’re with someone with the mandatory question: “Table for two sir?” I just smile and politely ask to be seated to a cozy corner. On a rainy Thursday night it’s a blessing to even get seated within fifteen minutes. The place is packed.

My favorite pasttime would always be people-watching while I try to slowly gobble my food down. I’ve always been a fast eater but on times like these I try my best to take it down a notch and actually enjoy my food.

There are couples and the noisy families. I think about that odd pair over on the other side. Guy is on his best “boyfriend-mode” face while he tries to digest everything his girl’s yapping about. This was for at least fifteen minutes. Nonstop. Guy must be out of his mind right now.

That boy on the table beside me isn’t too happy with his veggies. Mom’s busy feeding two babies. One’s wearing a bib. The other one’s sporting loafers. I almost laughed.

Now I’m wishing me and my girl could be like that old couple by the window. Gramps tryin’ his best to put that spoonful of yogurt to his wife’s mouth. Cute.

Time to go. Has it been thirty minutes already? You can’t even enjoy a decent meal especially during lunch. But on rare nights like this that I smile to myself, contented I survived another day in Manila.

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