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“I don’t stand by anything.” Everything President Trump says just makes me think of those bad business school books from the 1970s about taking the “power chair” at meetings, wearing a red tie, and naturally, the mantra “Never apologize, never explain.” I don’t recall seeing “deny, deny, deny,” but I read only a couple of those books. I’m guessing, though, that one of them advised their he-man businessman readers to avoid committing to anything, even your own previous statements. So we get “I don’t stand by anything,” a phrase of pretty definite meaning to anyone speaking English.

Another Trumpism, and he uses it here for sure, is “Everybody’s talking” about whatever Trump thinks they should be talking about. It’s a meaningless throwaway phrase. The other one he likes is “Nobody knows what going on” usually in reference to something that Trump doesn’t know about (and probably doesn’t want to talk about). The subtext is “I don’t know anything about X, so nobody knows anything about X.” It’s usually a prelude to either stop X or ignore X until Trump is told what’s going on with X.

The conclusion of the interview, I have to applaud Dickerson. I wouldn’t have have been able to stop myself from saying, “My, you’re a pissy little thing, aren’t you?”

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