Heneral Luna…

Throughout the entire film, as it went on, the message of the filmmaker or the director was clear to the point that during the time of the Americans and actually until today, we have the same problem, that’s why we Filipinos have such a hard time achieving our goals. We always look at others as a threat or as an enemy, being focused on that we are blinded by our hatred for others; that we sometimes fail to see that the greatest enemy is in “us” or “ourselves”. The film was no doubt engaging, besides the fact that the actors portrayed their characters so well. But what actually was engaging was it’s message, as it still applies to our modern Philippine society today. Us Filipinos are blinded by our greed, doing something or wanting to achieve something so that we may gain personal advantages. There were a lot of “Functions of Art” that could be pointed out in the film, an example would be the uniform of the soldiers. Formality of having the same uniform for all soldiers all throughout the Philippines would say that we are untied as one country.

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