All my life, it seemed that things had been improving for the human race.
Rick O'Brien

Forgive my resolve: blacks and Latinos and Orientals continue continue to serve at the highest levels of our nation’s governments, an artifact has left the solar system and private enterprise is now leading our species’ effort to get off this planet, communism appears to continue to diminish in influence, AIDS, malaria, and other infectious diseases wane and appear to be headed to the same status as has smallpox, forecasts of the global market penetration of smart phones and of Internet access are positive, and expected life spans, globally, rise.

What ails you, apparently, is the reaction to the election of one man, in one country, at one instant in time.

Quit “guess[ing]”. Do not continue to enroll yourself, poor baby, in the “World’s Most Miserable” content. Yeah, stretch your courage and stretch your faith a bit more, Mr O’Brien, and just get on with it, as most other members of our species appear to be doing.

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