Why You Can’t Understand What Black Americans Are Going Through
Clay Rivers

I reject your analogy, Mr Rivers. Short stature, to whatever degree, inevitably requires accommodation in certain physical domains. Skin colour, or any other superficial characteristic, does not, inevitably, require accommodation in those domains.

Skin colour does not, inevitably, require accommodation in any social milieu. However, wanting/expecting/demanding accommodation in certain social domains, because of skin colour, does require accommodation by others in those domains. Hence, the negation of “equality” and opportunity for strife.

There are many conditions in life that I do not “understand” in the sense of your use, inappropriately, IMO, of the word. The reasons are not the one you ask us to accept as singular, that of failure to “want”. The reasons are two-fold. One, I cannot because I do not have the experiences of a female, a mother, a single parent, a homosexual, a “vertically challenged” individual, a convict, a teacher, policeman, doctor, or soldier, a politician , a citizen in an authoritarian regime, etc. in a very long list of labels. The other reason: I do not need to “understand” in order to behave in an ethical, civil, moral, or legal manner. I need only to want to behave in accordance with the guidelines of the social domain.

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