What’s Really Going On at Yale
Aaron Z. Lewis

It astounds me that anyone attending an elite institution, such as Yale, claims to feel threatened or to be the subject of “institutionalized racism”. Even if, if, IF, IF such exists, surely it is incumbent upon those experiencing it to overcome notional difficulties and just “get on with it”. I posit: if one cannot handle such difficulties at Yale, how do you expect to be able to handle similar (and worse, IMO) difficulties in the real world?! Others, in the past and in different segments of society and in different societies, seem to have made personal decisions and accommodations to survive, endure, and…excel. Do you truly think you are the only re are no humans who have not experienced.

Quit whining, get off your ass, grow up, focus on the important stuff, learn from the experience, and accept that Nietzsche was accurate. If you cannot do so, then leave the environment that seemingly so aggrieves you and allow a tougher individual to take advantage of it.

“Racism” is the label too easily applied — and too facilely, demeaningly accepted — to circumstances, processes, and behaviour that aggrieve.


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