Voted for Trump? I have only one plea.

So…now Kasich’s “chief advisor”is the thought leader, ther determiner of individuals’ biases, the labeller of tolerances?!!

I don’t share your concerns, nor am I inclined to take the activists role your urge. I do not think they are necessary…or will be helpful. However, I do trust the rule of law and those institutions and individuals who enforce it, as well as the system of checks and balances implemented by our country’s forefathers.

I cannot help but point out that cops — the first line of defense and the bulwark of law and order against the atrocities you perceive — were recently categorized, unequivocally and categorically across the nation by individuals and groups across the nation with whom I surmise you might empathize, as “racist”, as well as murdered and otherwise assaulted. Violence against cops was then justified, warranted, and necessary…now the violence seems to bother you lot a lot. I am eager to receive your assurances that you were as vocal and activistic when blue lives matter.

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