Reflections on Meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton, and the…
DeRay Mckesson

This piece continues the fallacy of blaming undesirable circumstances and events on governments and other entities and other people external to them. Of course, then the solutions can only come from those external influences.

Bullshit. I suggest that individuals make the decisions that affect individual lives. There is ample evidence of- individuals deciding and acting to better their lives, as those individuals choose.

Stop blaming the cops. Look deep inside yourselves, your parents without education or skills valued economically, your fatherless families, your communities, your failing schools and other social institutions, and your local governments to identify the influences that need changing — for the better or the worse.

Politicians, while seeking votes, will pander to those who feel aggrieved and wrong. If you think your efforts with HRC and Sanders will help, then go for it and recognize that it is our democratic system that allows such efforts. However, the world “marches on” and I, for one, am very, very tired of the implicit blame for perceived wrongs and conditions over which I, nor anyone else, I surmise, have any influence. You do. As for any of us, only YOU do.

You live in a world where blacks, not cops or whites, kill blacks.

We live in a world that continues to try earnestly to deliver justice.

I fight and have fought for this world.

We will see if you “win”. It’s up to you, not us.