To-do lists may be helpful in more ways than you think

A list can be a powerful tool. Here, someone makes a list in their notebook.
A list can be a powerful tool. Here, someone makes a list in their notebook.
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Lists get a bad rap. They guide us through our day, at times the embodiment of mundanity. They can be daunting. Most often, lists are things for us to do, to accomplish, and to toil with. But, in this article I am going to discuss how lists can both be a powerful motivator and a form of self-care, and why they may not be as superfluous as we might assume.

Why create a list?

Lists helps us to declutter our minds and help us to de-stress. I know, “I have so much on my to-do list” is one of the most common phrases people…

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As we talked about the rather dull day we had both had, my friend joked, “god I’m so depressed that I could sell my tears as a natural alternative to WD-40”. I responded jovially, “what a business opportunity, can I invest my tears, too?” As we laughed and sat back into our lawn chairs, appreciating the setting sun and sipping our beers, I couldn’t help but to reflect on the normalcy of this type of interaction with my guy friends. It’s almost paradoxical: laughing about something that is so profound, so dark, and so challenging. Depression is real for both…

It took me a great deal of time to decide whether this article was worth writing. Is it pandering? Pathetic? An attention grab? Eventually, however, I realized that I must not be the only one. I must not be the only one that views myself so poorly, that misperceives every awkward moment in a relationship as catastrophic. To so intensely need reassurance that people like me for who I am. No, I must not be.

We are more than a body

I think when people consider self-esteem, we first think to issues with body image. This is a part of it, certainly, but it is but…

Paramedics are suffering. They are dying. They are in pain; their relationships and personal lives in shambles. And yet, no one seems to care.

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Paramedics learn on their first day that they are entering a field in which the hours are long, the pay is abysmal, and the conditions are deplorable. In spite of this, many continue their training and enter the field. They call upon the prospect of something new and exciting to drive them. They yearn for a field that might allow them to save a life, make a difference, and offer excitement from time-to-time. But, are abysmal…

Patrick Guziewicz

I am a writer; for fun and for work. I am also a doctoral student in clinical psychology and paramedic.

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