#TWITCOS Digest Vol. 2 — This Week in Twitter Conversations on Startups

Thank you to all who read week 1, sent feedback/liked/shared, etc.! Using some of the initial feedback, such as it wasn’t entirely clear for some to click on the link to each tweet to read the conversation that ensued, I am going to test using Storify cards for some of the convos this week. The Storify will show you some of the conversation but there will likely be more of it on Twitter branching off the original tweet, which of course just goes to show there needs to be a better way to follow/curate/discover/read conversations on Twitter!

Also, one other idea from the last 2 weeks that was interesting was that a lot of great conversation on Twitter branches off from someone sharing a link to an interesting article or news update. Of course, we have Nuzzel to alert us when a certain article is shared by X+ friends in 24 hours, but no way to know if an interesting conversation broke out on a certain share, say friends 1, 3, and 7’s share of that particular link. For instance you’ll see in this week’s #TWITCOS list I found a couple of threads conversing about the new Facebook Sports curation feature that will try and rival Twitter. This could be another opportunity in this space related to curating and surfacing the most engaging conversations on Twitter.

Lastly, I found myself going to the same “wells” of the most engaging people I follow on Twitter in the Startup space looking for interesting conversations. So I will continue to ask for people to send me or reply to me with ones you see and think are worthy of the digest! Thanks again to Greg Meyer and Stefan Stokic for sending some my way this week.

Feedback? Suggestions? Criticism? Get at me on Twitter @PatrickH or via email patrick[at]millcitytheory[dot]com and let me know.

#TWITCOS Vol. 2 — 1/18–1/29

  1. This old (December 23rd) tweet from Hunter Walk referencing katie benner’s excellent piece on unicorn startups struggling, got new life when Patrick Collison decided to respond to it last week. Also click on Hunter’s original tweet for more discussion on the topic.

2. There were multiple conversations about Facebook’s new sports stream for games that looks to rival Twitter’s game hashtags and overall dominance in Sports discussion during events. I will look to try and pull more of these where a breaking news topic starts multiple engaging conversations in different places on Twitter:

3. In regards to Facebook shutting down Pulse, jeffiel had a funny tweet…

4. Sam Altman had some thoughts on “business development” not really helping startups. Keith Rabois mentioned this was Peter Thiel’s position on what caused the ‘99–‘00 bubble.

5. Dave McClure agreed with Chris Sacca in disagreeing with Paul Graham on his advice for startups to avoid Shark Tank.

6. Semil asked,

which led to a great discussion that he pulled together in Storify:

7. tristan walker, Hunter Walk, and others are confident Twitter isn’t going anywhere, and Keith Rabois thinks Fox should buy it.

8. Good convo here on Dropbox, Slack and the future of both…


10. And after publishing my piece on Twitter for business, there was some interesting discussion from Josh Felser, Chris Sacca, Josh Elman, Jakub Kostecki, Rob Leathern and others around personalized emails, replying to as many as possible, and the value of LinkedIn connections/outreach here:

That’s it for this week, will be working on #TWITCOS Vol. 3 right away, send me some interesting conversations on Twitter!

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